BBQ Chicken Club Sandwich

BBQ Chicken Club Sandwich

This BBQ chicken club sandwich recipe is also one I have put together at my last job. The owner’s son wanted a club sandwich on the menu, one with baked bread, and I have come up with this recipe I would love to share with you all. A club sandwich is also a very lovely choice to have on a café menu, or a coffee shop menu. It is important to have a meal for the hungrier persons, which means a bigger meal portion. It was mostly the men who ordered this, and they really enjoyed it. In this particular recipe, I use my cheese, chive and onion bread recipe, which blend in absolutely fantastic with all the rest of the ingredients used in here. The herb mayonnaise on top just give it a fabulous rounding, and using the skewer just like the beef hamburger recipe, is important to keep it all together. If you do not like cheese, chive and onion bread, you can use plain brown or white bread, which is a simpler type of bread. Another tip is to take a packet of chicken breast fillets and make them in the BBQ flavour, then freeze them and use them as required. This chicken taste wonderful on a toasted chicken mayo sandwich, a BBQ chicken pizza, in this club sandwich recipe and in crust less mini quiches served as finger foods on platters.

Serves: 1 Prep time: 30 Minutes Cook time: 20 Minutes Ready in: 50 Minutes

Nutrition: Calories 250 Carbs: 23g Protein: 15g Fat: 12g

3 slices of cheese, chive and onion bread, or plain white or brown bread
butter to butter bread slices
fresh lettuce
pickled onion slices
tomato slices, lightly seasoned with salt and pepper
grated cheese - a good Cheddar
thin cucumber slices
lengthwise cut gherkins, thinly sliced
a BBQ chicken fillet piece
2 slices fried streaky bacon
herb mayonnaise(fresh herbs chopped: chives, tarragon, parsley, basil, dark opal basil, mixed with 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise)
skewer with cherry tomato en cucumber on top
Slice a chicken breast fillet in half length wise and flatten with a meat hammer.
Season with ground cinnamon, ground all spice.
Robertsons garlic and rosemary spice, salt and black pepper.
Fry until cooked on low heat, adding Lappies or Jimmy BBQ sauce onto the breasts with a basting brush.
Once cooked, brush more BBQ sauce onto the breasts with the basting brush and let cool.
Butter all 3 slices bread with butter and set aside.
Take the 1st slice and layer with the fresh lettuce.
Add a layer of pickled onions.
Add the seasoned tomato slices.
Layer afterwards with the grated cheese.
Add another bread slice.
Layer with a layer of thin cucumber slices.
Add a layer of gherkins, also sliced very thinly.
Layer with one piece of BBQ chicken, coated in the BBQ sauce.
Layer with the bacon.
Last add the her-bed mayonnaise and cover with the last slice of bread.
Add the skewer to keep the club sandwich good together and add the cherry tomato and cucumber piece as garnish.
Garnish the plate with balsamic glaze and add an eatable flower on top of the sandwich with a herb of choice.
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