Chili Con Carne

Chili Con Carne

This is a special thanks to my lovely husband for introducing me to Mexican food such as chili con carne. I never thought in my life that I would eat chili con carne, but once I got introduced, I never stopped!And may I warn you, there won't be any left overs for the next day!wink But if there are, just toast a piece of bread and add this delicious chili con care on top(heated of course) and you have a quick and easy breakfast start!This is delicious with white cooked rice, or in thin pancakes, such as crépes. My crépe recipe I will definity share with you as it became a real trusty recipe in my chef days. 

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Serves: 4 Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 60 Minutes Ready in: 70 Minutes

Nutrition: Calories 101 Carbs: 9g Protein: 10g Fat: 3.3g

1 onion, finely chopped
1 red pepper, cut into small blocks
2 garlic cloves, peeled and finely chopped
1 Tablespoon oil
1 heaped hot chili powder
2 pinches of chili flakes
1 teaspoon sweet paprika
1 teaspoon ground cumin
400 g minced beef
1 beef stock cube(you can use a chicken stock cube as well, it doesn't make a huge difference)
300 ml hot water
1 can of 400 g chopped tomatoes
½ teaspoon dried marjoram(or fresh)
1 teaspoon sugar
2 Tablespoons tomato puree
1 can of 410 g kidney beans
white rice to serve
sour cream to serve
Prepare the onion, red pepper and garlic and keep aside.
Heat the oil in a pot and add the onion.
Fry the onion about 5 minutes until light and glossy.
Add the garlic, red pepper, chili powder, chili flakes, paprika and ground cumin.
Stir it well and let cook for about 5 minutes.
Add the beef mince and turn up the heat a bit.
Let cook for about 5 minutes, make sure there are no lumps or loosen it with a fork.
The meat must become brown.
Crumble the beef stock cube into the hot water and pour this over the mince mixture in the pot.
Add the can of chopped tomatoes,marjoram and sugar.
Season with salt and pepper.
Add the tomato puree and let simmer it gently after giving a good stir.
Bring to a boil, give another good stir, lower the heat and let it gently cook for 20 minutes.
Have a look every now and again to make sure the mixture doesn't cook dry.
Add a tablespoon or two of water if so.
The sauce must look thick, juicy and moist.
Drain the kidney beans in a sieve and stir into the chili pot.
Bring to the boil again and lower the temperature.
Cook for 10 minutes and once again keep an eye for not cooking too dry.
Serve after 10 minutes after the flavours mingled.
If the chili con carne are not hot enough for your taste, add more chili powder and chili flakes and cook for another few minutes.
Serve with rice.
NOTE: If you serve this in pancakes, then the chili pot mixture must cook a little bit more drier than stated before as the mixture will be too runny in the pancake if not cooked enough.
Serve with the sour cream.
TIP:When adding the chili con carne in the pancake, add the sour cream before rolling up.
Sprinkle with cheese on top and serve with more sour cream after heated, on top .
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