Ginger and Lime Syrup

Ginger and Lime Syrup

This delicious ginger and lime sauce is a must have if you are a restaurant owner and you have pork belly on your menu. It is a quick and easy sauce for the sqeezy bottle and will keep up to 4 weeks.  I came across while working at an establishment where I eventually had a terrible experience. If you are thinking to become a chef, can I ask one small favour and that is to read the following article first, google a bit and ask advice from people in the field about how the industry is like. But back to the establishment:I hate thinking back or mentioning the name of the establishment, but decided to leave the bad memories behind and rather share this recipe as chefs can find this useful to use. We made a lovely slow cooked pork belly and this lovely ginger and lime sauce accompanied it fantastically. Trough in some mashed potatoes and some roast veggies and you have a wonderful winter meal.The key here is to use fresh ginger, do not substitute it with ginger powder as it does not have the same taste as using fresh ginger.

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Serves: 10 Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 30 Minutes Ready in: 40 Minutes

Nutrition: Calories 70 Carbs: 8g Protein: 0g Fat: 4g

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4 Cups brown sugar
8 Cups water
about 3 large pieces of root ginger
½ - 1 Cup lemon juice
Add all the ingredients in a sauce pan and cook on low heat until all the sugar has dissolved.
Turn the temperature slightly up and cook until reduced and a syrup.
It must be a runny syrup but not too sticky.
Be careful not to overcook the syrup as it will also thicken once cooled down.
Discard the ginger last, let cool and pour over in squeeze bottle..
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