Baked Chocolate Pudding

Baked Chocolate Pudding

Baked Chocolate Pudding is a delicious dessert and in my opinion, a good choice for a winter or autumn dessert. I remember this dessert from my childhood and it is quite an easy recipe to follow. And like most things: Chocolate is delicious! This baked chocolate pudding is almost like a cake and as it bakes, it forms its own sauce. Without the sauce it would have turned out to be a bit of a dry dessert because the pudding is almost like a cake in texture. But the sauce makes it absolutely delicious. Together with custard, crème anglaise or with vanilla ice-cream it all comes together to be a lovely baked dessert! You can play here with your creative side, you could make a large square, round or triangle pudding, or simply make individual ones in lovely small soufflé ramekins and serve each one on a lovely under plate too. As a garnish variations of mint would be great to use, a lavender sprig, lemon verbena, pansies, snapdragon, nasturtiums and many more. If you perhaps have not made this baked chocolate pudding in a long time, maybe I can inspire you to make it soon!

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Serves: 4 Prep time: 10 Minutes Cook time: 40 Minutes Ready in: 50 Minutes

Nutrition: Calories 142 Carbs: 23g Protein: 2.1g Fat: 4.6g

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250 ml cake flour
10 ml baking powder
2.5 ml salt
125 ml sugar
20 ml cocoa powder
125 ml milk
15 ml melted butter
5 ml vanilla essence
15 ml chopped raisins/ chopped walnuts - OPTIONAL
125 ml brown sugar
25 ml cocoa powder
500 ml water
Mix the cake flour, baking powder, salt, sugar and cocoa together.
In a separate bowl , mix the milk margarine or butter and vanilla essence together and add to the cake flour mixture.
If using the raisins or walnuts option, add it too and mix well.
Turn the batter into the greased dish or individual ramekins.
Sprinkle the brown sugar and cocoa powder mix on top and pour the boiling water over the batter.
Bake at 180°C for about 30 minutes or a skewer comes out clean.
The pudding formed its own sauce.
Serve with custard, creme anglaise or vanilla ice-cream.
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