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Choosing a Chef Career- PART 2

So here goes the follow up: Choosing a Chef Career- PART 2

As mentioned before, I didn't exactly do my homework very well when I have chosen my chef career, and believe I would have chosen something else when I had the chance again...

But the fact that I became a chef still had to be this way. If I didn't become a chef, I would never have met my loving husband who I really love so much, I would have never met most of my Facebook friends, I would never have started this blog, and would never have had this wonderful recipe journal I share with you....

Today I want to focus on the stress levels of a chef in choosing a chef career: part 2. Okay, this was the absolute worst part for me: When I heard that POS (Point of Sale) printer printing that order. Damn I hate that sound so much my heart misses some beats!!

The thing with a la carte service time is that you never know what the customer will order. You can prepare yourself the best you can, but for me, it just always felt like an heart attack. Especially with big tables. And when the waiters come stand next to you and you just want to make that plate extra special before it leaves the kitchen. Or in my case, the fear of too many people ordering the same item that you run out of it. And the worse possible is to tell a customer you are out of stock. Expecially these days with Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor. A bad review these days are everywhere. You hear and see people complaining about the smallest things. I guess having a restaurant you open yourself to a whole lot of critic.

While cooking at Augusta Kleinbosch the menu was always simple, so there you know the exact amount of tables you have with how many guests at each table and your 3 course menu. But with walk-in a la carte the whole picture differs. I guess I am just not made for it. And I am man enough (in my case woman enough!) to admit it. I can make the best food, but the stress level part of it, I guess for me it will just never go away. And then I must add how the waiters (who I never see as a lower

If you are born to take stress, and most chefs loves the Adrenalin that goes apart with service time... cheffing is totally for you.

When choosing a chef career you must keep in mind all of the things mentioned above, and of course as part of my part 1 section that you must have a very very strong back bone.

To be continued...

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