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Squiggelicious - Durbanville

Squiggelicious - Durbanville is definitely a lovely visit if you plan a coffee shop outing. This lovely coffee shop have a perfect setting in the Sun Tyger Building in the Durbanville area.

To start with the beautiful vibrant colours of their logo already draw you to them... and what a lovely atmosphere too! I had a lovely pot of tea (enough for 2 so I sat a bit longer to enjoy the second cup too!) and a piece of delicious carrot cake. I enjoyed the effort to make the plate look pretty with the squeezes of honey (?) and I couldn't help to notice how beautifully shiny and clean my cake fork was! It is so clean at Squiggelicious you can actually eat from the floors. The tables were exceptionally clean and there were more than enough sugar and sweetener condiments on the tables.

The cake selections and the savoury foods were beautifully displayed and you can see it is even more than FRESH!

Squiggelicious offers freshly baked goods, hearty breakfasts, gourmet burgers, open baguettes and delicious salads and toasted sandwiches and they have hearty hot meals daily.

As a former chef who loved to bake quiches, their quiche looked divine through the display window and I love the individual meals they sell for take away. If you are lazy to cook a dinner meal due to an overwhelming work load, this is the place to pop in to quickly get your dinner meal - ready to heat at home.

The decor is very modern and the art among the wall striking. There are a nice corner with soft sofas to sit and quietly enjoy the book you are reading.

The staff are all very friendly, from the kind waitress, the manager lady and the friendly chefs. The owner opened the door for me even after I popped in to grab a water after their close-up - for sure someone who is going the extra mile for something small.

If you are working in or nearby the SUNTYGER building, support this lovely upcoming coffee shop.

The prices are very fair and the quality out of top quality.

Thank you Squiggelicious for my lovely time spend with you, I will for sure be back!

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